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Programs & Training

Training and ongoing education are at the core of our principles and commitment here at NOCA.  You're invited to attend and learn skills here if you're choosing NOCA as a career member, volunteering, or are interested in First Aid and CPR training.  Ongoing training sessions are part of what we do and this list is continually updated as we offer training throughout the year.

Need a CPR Class?


CPR Classes are always available, call NOCA for inquiries, or to schedule a class click the link below. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email them to, or call (315) 298-6516.


Classes Available

 Card Refreshers

BLS Provider

Heartsaver w/ First Aid

CPR Instructor


First Aid/CPR Classes are held on-site at NOCA headquarters, 21 Delano Street, Pulaski, NY.  

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