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NOCA Leadership

~Executive Board~

President:  Andrew Montalbano

Vice President:  Ken Zahn

Treasurer:  Robert Trainham

Secretary: Pamela Hellinger

Finance Chair:  Ann Stacy

~District Liaisons~

Albion:  Stephanie Pierce

Boylston:  Ann Stacy

Orwell:  Robert Trainham

Redfield:  Vacant

Richland:  David Allen

Sandy Creek:  Nancy Dingman

Williamstown:  Ken Zahn

~At Large Members~

Andrew Montalbano

David Kohr

Pamela Hellinger

~Operational Leadership~

Executive Director of Operations:  Norman Wallis

Assistant Director of Operations:  Scott Clark

Assistant Director of Operations:  Jeffrey McNitt

Training Director; CPR/First Aid Coordinator:  Melissa Frazier

Quartermaster: Samantha Parker

Controlled Substances Officer:  Bryon Valencia

Buildings and Grounds:  Steve Stinger

Membership/CQI Chair:  Jeffrey McNitt


NOCA Board of Directors from left to right:Ann Stacy, Ken Zahn, David Allen, Wayne Dealing, Jonathan Barron, Norm Wallis, Claire Witter, Candy Gilbert, David Kohr, and Bob Trainham.

What does the Board do?

As a group of volunteers, our board comes together to help lead and oversee all of our efforts here at NOCA.


The Board of Directors of the Northern Oswego County Ambulance is composed of a diverse group of individuals that have accepted the responsibility of governing and overseeing policy, direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of the Northern Oswego County Ambulance, Inc. so as to support the organization’s mission.


To find out more information about becoming a part of the NOCA Board, click here.

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