Proudly Serving Since 1974...45 Years Proud




  • On January 1, 1974 NOCA officially became the ambulance service for the seven townships of the Northern Oswego County area. There were 93 members.

  • NOCA was temporarily located in the “old” Pulaski Village Garage on Delano Street.

  • On May 23, 1974 volunteers pitched in and we “built our own building” at the current location on Delano St.

  • The building was fully paid for at the time of completion from donations. These donations came from individuals and businesses throughout the service area and a large donation from the John Ben Snow Foundation

  • The service remained a totally volunteer service until the mid nineties when the first paid person was hired to respond to calls.

  • The service has remained a volunteer service, but due to state mandated requirements for the providers that respond to calls the majority of the staff are compensated professionals.

  • NOCA does have volunteers that have taken courses to become providers and serve in other capacities.




  • In 2009 there was a reorganization of the board of directors and management. The goal was to improve community relations, bring financial stability to the organization, improve staffing, medical equipment and updating the building facility.

  • From 2009 to date, we're proud that all of the above have been accomplished!

  • NOCA has a superb medical staff, state of the art medical equipment, four new ambulances and has completed a $750,000 building expansion and renovation.

  • Addition of Mechanical External Chest Compression Devices called Lucas Devices for each of the ambulances

  • Addition of Power Stretchers for each of the ambulances

  • Video Laryngoscopes