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NOCA is an important lifeline for the 16,000+ permanent residents and 12,000+ seasonal residents.  Covering seven communities and nearly 400 square miles, we serve thousands of seasonal outdoor enthusiasts, fishermen, boaters, hunters and snowmobilers who come to our towns to enjoy the spectacular natural resources of the region.


The rural nature of our district results in significant ambulance transport times for our patients. With the nearest hospitals being 45 minutes away or more, we provide Advanced Life Support care with Medics or Paramedics when training beyond the EMT level is required for patients.

Northern Oswego County Ambulance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization serving seven towns in the northeastern quadrant of Oswego County, New York. Provided services include emergency medical care, transport, and basic emergency medical training.


NOCA provides a highly skilled, efficient, effective and affordable ambulance service to all residents and surrounding areas of the district. Providers consist of highly trained Advance Life Support and Emergency Medical Service personnel delivering care in specialized vehicles and utilizing the latest equipment to meet the needs of our patients.



NOCA provides three primary areas of care and service with the team committed to providing our  service communities with






To learn more about these areas of service click the link below...







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